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SAVING ASSANGE is an archive-driven, compilation, internet documentary that uses extracts from news bulletins, broadcast programs, TV docs, talk shows and other online content to revise the Assange saga and argue the legal, moral and ethical case for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Is Assange a journalist...or cyber-terrorist?  A rapist, or victim?  A hero, or traitor?  A madman, or martyr?  Watch, and judge for yourself.

Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Annie Machon, John Pilger, Pamela Anderson, Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore,, Vivienne Westwood, Michael Moore, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, Amal Clooney, Mairead Maguire and Roger Waters...are just some of the professionals, journalists, artists, politicians, celebrities and other dissenting voices advocating for Assange and Wikileaks in this 4-part docu series.

Extract / Trailer 1

Extract / Trailer 2

Part 1 

Recaps the backstory of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the so-called rape accusations, and seven years of asylum leading up to his forced, illegal eviction from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrest by British Police in 2019.

Part 2

Interrogates the legality of Assange's arrest, his fight against extradition to the United States, the role of the deep state in his persecution, and the chilling effect his arrest will have on other journalists, publishers and whistle-blowers.

Part 3

Questions the lack of solidarity and support from the international journalism community, whether Assange is indeed a legitimate journalist/publisher or merely a "Russian Agent", and revisits some of the most devastating Wikileaks Revelations.

Part 4

Assesses the impact of these leaks on lives, Julian's condition and treatment while incarcerated at HMPB, and calls on the public to support, defend and save Assange from extradition, torture and possible murder by the US government.

Directed & Edited by Rob de Mézières

Produced by Demezmerize Media & The Reel Times

#SaveAssange  #FreeAssange  #FreeAssangeNOW  #JournalismIsNotACrime

DISCLAIMER:  This free-to-web internet documentary is strictly for informative & educational purposes only and not for commercial use or gain.  All rights of all material content, including music, used in this video vests with the original copyright holders, the use of which falls under Fair Use Licensing.


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