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Projects in Development

TALES FROM THE WITCHDOCTOR: Series of Shorts and Comics
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Mystery/Suspense
Budget (Pilot + 2 Eps): R4.5m ($300k)
Logline: A series of short creepy, mystifying and often terrifying African short stories, made for Film, TV or VOD and published as comics.  

View the 1-sheet and sample art.  Read the pilot script and comic in English or Zulu.
THE SHADES: Feature Film
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Budget: R7.5m ($500k)
Logline: After relocating to a remote farm in Zululand, a troubled young mother finds herself in the fight of her life to save her five-year old daughter from a vengeful ancestral spirit.

Read the short synopsis and a script extract
Full script available to committed investors.
CLAN OF THE CAT:  Feature Film
Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller
Budget: R13m ($850k)
Logline: 300 meets 13th Warrior in this action adventure story set in 18th Century Zululand.  An impi of battle-weary Zulu warriors are reluctantly drawn into defending a helpless village of peaceful farmers against a ferocious tribe of cannibalistic Leopard Men.

Script in development, read the first act here
Full script available to committed investors.
Budget: US$50k  (R750k)
Logline: Archive-driven doci that advocates the legal, moral and ethical case for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Seeking completion funding.  View Trailer 1, Trailer 2 and Rough Cut
Budget: US$100k  (R1.5m)
Logline: Analysing a century of Christ in cinema.

In progress and seeking completion funding.  View a rough cut of Part 1
M&E Studio: Enterprise
Budget (Studio & Slate): R22.5m ($1.5m)
A startup, independent Media & Entertainment company that will produce, distribute and exhibit Film/TV/VOD and other media content.

View the Exec Summary.  Pitch deck and biz plan available to serious investors.

The full slate of projects in progress is available to committed investors.  

To invest in films, the studio or both, contact Rob. 

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